bg formica reds= blue green horizontal
Blue Green Formica 1992 detail Three Reds 1991 detail Blue Green Horizontal 1991 detail
metal copper violet metal grating blue metal yellow red
Tan Metal with Copper, B. V. 1990 detail Metal Grating with W. Blk.Y-O 1990 detail Blue, Gray Metal Yellow Red 1993 detail
plasterboard silver rust corner brace blue plasterboard
Plasterboard with Silver 1992 detail Black and Rust Corner Brace 1992 detail Blue Plasterboard 1996 detail
gray plasterboard blue green corner brace rust vertical
B./W. Grid with Gray Plbd. 1995 detail Blue Green Corner Brace 1995 detail Rust Metal Vertical 1993 detail
red corner triangle plasterboard pink grid
Red Metal Corner Triangle 1994 detail Gray and Tan Plasterboard 1999 detail Pink Grid with Yellow 1999 detail
green metal black metal white inside out
Green Metal, Black and Red 1998 detail Black Metal with White 1997 detail Inside Out 1999 detail
black plexi white tile with wilver
Black Plexiglas Silver and White 1999 detail White Tile with Silver 1999 detail
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