Yellow Tiles, White and Silver
Yellow Tiles, White and Silver 2008
Found tiles & metal with acrylic on panels 8¼" X 9⅜"
Exhibited Susan Smith Paintings and Collage 2011
Galerie Merkle, Stuttgart Germany
zigzag formica yellow red and blue
O. B./G. Metal Zigzag 2010 detail Gold and White Formica 2006 detail Yellow Plastic Red Blue 2007 detail
white plaster blue asian red yellow red orange square
White Plaster with Blue 2009 detail Asian with Red Yellow-Orange 2005 detail 2 x 4 with Red Orange Square 2009 detail
red yellow blue yellow tiles two blacks
Red 2 x 4 with Yellow and Blue 2008 detail Yellow Tiles White and Silver 2008 detail Two Blacks Grey and Gold 2005 detail
zigzag viewfomder formica wood
Red Metal Zigzag 2007 detail Viewfinder 2001 detail Formica and Wood Y. R. B. 2005 detail
metal grid plasterboard wood vertical divide
Metal Grid with Gray 2007 detail R. V. Plasterbd / R. O. Wood 2009 detail Vertical Metal Divide 2002 detail
metal frame copper oxidation metal grid
Metal Frame with Silver 2001 detail Orange Metal Vertical 2004 detail Metal Grid 2007 detail
metal divide concrete
Red Cube with W. B. Y. 2010 detail Cipper I-beam 2002 detail
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