Comerford Photomontage
The Comerford Project, Comerford Dam 2006
This includes drawing, video and audio segments relating to the architectural,
environmental and construction history of the Comerford Dam.
Exhibited Susan Smith The Comerford Project 2006
Karl Drerup Gallery, Plymouth State University, Plymouth, New Hampshire
The Comerford Project 2006 The Comerford Project 2006, drawing The Comerford Project 2006, drawing
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The Comerford Project 2004, drawing The Comerford Floodgate 2004 detail The Comerford Project 2006, detail
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The Comerford Dam video 2004 The Comerford Dam video 2004 detail Video assistants: William Gordy, Joseph Piazzo
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Beach Building 2000 Beach Building 2000, detaill Beach Building 2000, detaill
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Intericon 1986 Intericon 1986, detail Intericon 1986, detail
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53rd St. and Lexington Avenue 1979 Three Part Diagonal 1978 Relocation Exchange 1977
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